Receivership Services Group

Our Expertise Covers any and All Issues During the Receivership Process

The Receivership Services Group at Berkson & Sons, Ltd. was created to assist institutions in applying a comprehensive approach to repositioning troubled commercial assets. We provide innovative solutions to increase cash flow and occupancy, strategic directions and planning to maximize the value of the asset, in the most expedient manner possible.

We have done countless projects including office buildings, retail strip centers, shopping malls, and multi-tenant industrial buildings. We leverage a full range of development resources, extending from site selection and financing all the way to managing the completed project to ensure the success of every venture.

Some of our most recent clients have included: Farm Bureau, Madison Partners (NY), Harris Bank, Banco Popular, CitiBank, and Pacific Global to name a few.

How can the Receivership Services Group help your company?

We employ a hands-on approach to each property, developing a strategic plan to transition the troubled asset into the best possible position, and to maximize its value.

What services does the receivership Services Group offer?

We are a one-stop shop for servicing assets in receivership. Our expertise covers any and all issues that may arise during the receivership process, including: management, leasing/selling, maintenance and repairs, development, construction, accounting, consulting, tax appeals and any tenant-related functions.

Why partner with the Receivership Services Group?

Building on over 100 years of experience in the Suburban Chicagoland area, our expertise in navigating the difficult and disparate issues arising during receiverships is unparalleled.

We take our commitment to our clients seriously. We will always go the extra mile to achieve results that provide the maximum return possible.

What differentiates Berkson & Sons' Receivership Services Group?

Our core emphasis is on asset management, so we have established relationships with vendors, construction companies, and we carry a master insurance policy that will cover the troubled asset if necessary:

  • Unlike larger brokerage firms, one or two people are accountable for every aspect of servicing your asset. This accountability saves time, produces faster results, and ultimately adds to your bottom line.
  • We view our relationship as a partnership with your institution. As such, we are committed to doing everything within our means to keep our fees as low as possible.